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About Us

About the Founder

I originally started working with young teenage girls dealing with pregnancy and being afraid of parenting, They were having babies and throwing them in the garbage back in 1998. I wrote a program to help promote it in schools . It provided education to the teenagers how to nurture and not be afraid of parenting or responsibility. It worked;the young teenagers stayed in school graduated and the EHS program I worked for kept the babies while they attended high school for free. I was awarded an scholarship to DePaul University to get my Masters in Parenting Education & Support. I wanted to help out parents of all ages because we have a lot of Grand mothers caring for the children because of the high substance abuse problems and incarceration levels among adults that have children. I was a school nurse for 20 years I saw all kinds of social and emotional issues with families I believe I can help make a difference helping parent open their eyes to the needs of the children. Give them attention, support , build self esteem in them. Self motivation and encouragement all play an important role in parenting beside just giving them a place to sleep and food to eat.

Make A Difference Today

Our Goals

My goal is to become more active in community organization and spread the word to many people who need counseling , education and support.

I want to build enough funds that I can eventually be able to hire staff to help my organization grow. We can provide more workshops and help to communities.

Build a parenting organization to get the parents more involved with helping each other as well. Doing things about situations instead of just complaining about them.

Our Values

I value providing support, parenting and health education, Giving guidance where needed, providing resources to families in need of assistance.

Special education for children with special needs. I want children with special needs to feel a apart of this world be treated equally no bullying, or favoritism from parents. Be taught to to the best they can be. I was born with a disability I know from experience what they go through.

Stop Teenagers from getting on drugs, Teach them about their bodies and health issues.